Mozilla unveils really simple new logo

Mozilla unveils really simple new logo

After months of mulling over its branding-redesign process, the Mozilla Organization has finally announced its new logo, which is quite simple and straightforward.

The organization first announced it decision to rebrand its logo in August last year, and announced its final decision yesterday. Then new logo is a shiny new wordmark that spells out “mozilla” with a mix of letters and punctuation inscribed in an essential custom font, named Zilla.

The new logo, which has been chosen from the shortlist of seven finalists, has swapped the “ill” in Mozilla with “://” instead.

The font choice has been enhanced a little bit from what was showed in August. The wordmark now uses an original typeface produced for the organization, but it is still quite plain and simple.

The black border around the organization’s new logo is apparently supposed to signify the letters or text being highlighted.

The Mozilla Organization’s new logo is so simple that many argued that only a nerd can love it. Luckily, Firefox continues to use an eye-catching logo with a flame-tailed fox in it.