Mosquito virus that comes dismembered is new to virologists

Mosquito virus that comes dismembered is new to virologists

Virologists so far thought they know how all viruses spread, but after a new discovery it appears they don’t. A new study led by a team of researchers from the USArmy Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases has discovered that there is a virus that comes into pieces and could only spread itself once at least four of its five divisions’ combine.

The mosquito that carries the virus is Culex, which is commonly found across the US. The virus, GuaicoCulex, is named so because it was found in a Culex mosquito in Guaico, Trinidad. The virus is not present in the environment in single form rather it comes into five division that should combine to form single virus that mosquitoes contract to spread it further.

The GuaicoCulex virus has five genes. Each gene is separate from other. If the five genes fail to combine, no infection emerges. The findings of the study were published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe. The study was an effort to report many kinds unknown virus present in the mosquitoes that breed around us. This is to avoid any future spread of certain viruses.

If researchers would remain aquatinted with certain virus before they cause harm to humans, they could be curbed before it is too late. Zika virus is an example of lack of knowledge on the part of viruses that surrounds us. Researches over Zika started after it had caused much loss to people. Teams of researchers are looking for mosquitoes carrying various kinds of never reported viruses across the world.

“We're trying to make sure that we're not blindsided when the next virus comes around. With all of the diversity seen in these emerging viruses, we never know what the next one will be to have an impact on human health”,said virologist Gustavo Palacios, who help lead the study.