More Patients In California Are Receiving Dialysis

The number of people in California who are receiving dialysis is growing. More people are not being diagnosed with kidney disease. However, people are living longer with end-stage kidney disease.

Over 139,000 people in California received dialysis in 2016. This is a 46 percent increase from 2008. Only 95,000 people in California received dialysis in 2008. Anjay Rastogi is a professor of nephrology at UCLA. He is also a nephrologist at the UCLA Medical Center. He stated that the reason more people are living longer with kidney disease is because the conditions that lead to kidney disease are being successfully-treated. Infections and heart disease are some of the conditions that can lead to kidney failure. Getting these conditions under control will increase one's chances of surviving kidney disease.

In the past, patients who were undergoing dialysis had a high mortality rate. Anjay stated that the fact people are living longer shows that they are receiving better treatment. Davita Kidney Care and Fresenius own 75 percent of the dialysis clinics in California. Because the demand for dialysis is growing, the companies will be offering their services in more places. Both of these companies are for-profit.

California lawmakers are currently making changes in order to ensure that patients receive the best care possible. They want to pass laws that require dialysis centers to have the proper staff-to-patient ratio. The laws will also require that staff members spend a certain amount of time preparing for dialysis. Additionally, every dialysis center will have to pass an inspection.

There is also a bill that will require dialysis centers to spend 85 percent of their revenue on patient care. If centers do not meet that threshold, then they may be required to reimburse non-government issuers. Lawmakers are hoping that the bills will be signed into law by November 2018.