More accusers come out against Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey

The various Hollywood scandals that have struck producers, actors and directors continue to get worse for those who have been accused of inappropriate behavior. Among those who have been accused of either sexual harassment or sexual abuse is one actor the public had generally had a positive view about for decades. Since Kevin Spacey was first accused of sexually harassing a then 14-year-old boy by a Broadway actor, other people have come out and accused the actor of similar actions.

When the first allegations against Spacey hit, the actor came out as bisexual who currently saw himself as gay. With that announcement, plenty people in Hollywood criticized him for trying to “hide under the rainbow.” It doesn’t appear that tactic worked, as Spacey is now claiming he is seeking treatment for his behavior.

All of the allegations are coming from men who claimed he tried to take advantage of them when he was the artistic director of the Old Vic theater. When he was allegedly spending time in London, the theater is alleged to have turned a blind eye to his behavior. If the allegations are true, it’s likely the Old Vic is going to be coming under quite a bit of fire on its own, considering Spacey served in that position for about 11 years. He left the position in 2015.

On Wednesday, Spacey’s people provided a statement to the press saying that the actor was going to be taking the “necessary time” in order to really look at what his life had become and seek treatment. For its part, the theater released a statement as well saying the people who ran it are incredibly dismayed that the allegations have been made. The theater also says it is setting up an email address that people who believe they are victims of Spacey can contact.

While the theater is acting as though it too was a victim, former employees are claiming the people running it knew of Spacey’s behavior all along. One former employee says they were all involved in keeping his treatment of the men quiet. The same employee said he saw Spacey groping several different men. The employee also says it was quite clear the men that were being groped were not willing participants.
These new allegations continue what has been an especially bad summer and fall for Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein was the beginning but he’s been far from the end of sexual misconduct allegations.