Monmouth County Officials to Conduct Mosquito Ground Spray

Monmouth County Officials to Conduct Mosquito Ground Spray

According to an announcement from the Monmouth County officials, a ground spray for mosquito will be conducted by the Monmouth County Mosquito Control Division on Tuesday, owing to the identification of West Nile Virus across many regions in the county, including Atlantic Highlands, Middletown, Spring Lake and Wall Township. The division will do the spraying between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. in both towns on residential streets.

One area that will be sprayed is Atlantic Highlands and Middletown. The spray will be done on residential streets of Atlantic Highlands EAST of First Avenue to Sears Avenue and north to E. Washington Avenue in Atlantic Highlands as well as Portland Avenue to Grand Avenue north of Hillside Avenue in the Hillside section of Middletown.

The second area where the residential streets will be sprayed is Lake Como, Wall Township, Spring Lake Heights and Spring Lake, which includes south of 17th Avenue between Highway 35 and Route 71 in Lake Como and Wall Township as well as north of Wall Road between Highway 35 and Route 71 in Spring Lake Heights and in Marucci Park in Spring Lake.

Truck-mounted equipment will be used to carry out the spraying operation by the division. The equipment will give out extremely fine smog of the pesticide Zenivex® 4E RTU, which contains a pesticide called Etofenprox that in turn is part of a family of pesticides called non-ester pyrethroids. This family of pesticides is synthetic variant of plant-generated pesticides known as pyrethrins.

Zenivex is a non-ester pyrethroids-based pesticide product, which is instrumental in controlling mosquitoes in outdoor residential as well as recreational areas. The officials have cautioned the residents of the areas that will be sprayed with the pesticide on Tuesday, to remain inside and also keep a check on their pets when the spray is being done. Intake fan in window air conditioners should be switched off.