A Monday Night Quake in the Bay Area

Oakland Earthquake

An earthquake struck near Oakland yesterday. The earthquake began around 7:15 on the evening of Monday, May 14, 2018. It was strong enough to cause the television cameras to shake during the Giants game at AT7T Park. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily catch that moment as many times as you wish.

Meanwhile, folks enjoying the evening at home noticed the earthquake. For example, in Hayward, Sophia Barahona-Lopez was watching the Warriors game on television with her son, Joseph. For them, the earthquake was hard to miss. She later related, "The house just shook, it went back and forth." She continued, "I have a cockatiel named Lucky and he was flying around in his cage warning us before." Joseph added, "I was thinking to just duck and cover."

Thankfully, hiding was unnecessary for Joseph and his mother. This was because the earthquake only lasted a few seconds. However, the few seconds were enough for the event to register as a 3.5 magnitude earthquake.

In other places in the city, the earthquake went unnoticed. This was due to the brevity and relatively low impact of the earthquake. However, many people throughout the city felt the repercussions of the earthquake. For example, BART put trains on hold after the earthquake to complete an inspection of the rails. In addition, MUNI immediately went to manual mode for the exact same reason. The inspections lasted only a little bit longer than 10 minutes. The minor disruptions were a small price to pay for safety.

Earthquakes can cause extensive damage during the initial jolting. However, it is the small damages to infrastructure that can truly put people and property at risk over time. This is why immediate inspections after earthquakes are so important.

Of course, many people took to social media to recount their experiences with the earthquake. One resident recounted how she was preparing dinner when she felt the whole house suddenly get pulled behind her. Another citizen, located near the fault zone, said she was just starting to serve dinner to the kids at the kitchen table.

The earthquake was minor, but geologists say that the Hayward fault poses the biggest earthquake dangers in the Bay Area. This means the earthquake on Monday night could be a lot worse someday.

What do you think about the earthquake? Did you or someone you know experience a little bit of shaking? Let us know!