Microsoft updates Translator app for Android

Microsoft updates Translator app for Android

Microsoft has rolled out an update to its Translator app for Android, to introduce noteworthy new features as well as language additions.

Revealing that the rollout of the updated translator app for Android commenced on Thursday, Microsoft said that the update comes with the image recognition feature, which will enable users to have a translation displayed instantly on their Android handsets when they point at a sign with their device’s camera.

According to Microsoft, the image recognition feature – which was rolled out to Translator app's iOS version in February – will also work within the app, giving users the ability to scan images from the handset’s gallery, emails, and social media. The supported languages include English, French, Norwegian, German, Polish, Czech, Greek, Portuguese, Danish, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Korean, Turkish, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

In addition, the updated Translator app for Android also gets the Inline Translation capability, which allows the app’s users to hover over text phrases for having them quickly translated into any of the more than 50 languages in the app's online library.

Moreover, with all the 43 languages supported by the app now downloadable for offline translation, Microsoft said that “the downloadable language packs use Deep Neural Networks” which provide “the highest-quality offline translation available on the market.”