Microsoft launches ‘Hub Keyboard’ for Android

Microsoft launches ‘Hub Keyboard’ for Android

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the launch of a new Android multitasking keyboard of its own. The keyboard -- called the 'Hub Keyboard' -- has been developed by Microsoft's Garage mobile software development division which chiefly focuses on experimental and small-scale apps.

Announcing its new Hub Keyboard for Android, Microsoft said that the keyboard boasts integration with clipboard functionality, as well as language translation and document search and sharing. As such, it will give users the ability to gain quick access to their Office files, their contacts, and their local clipboard, along with a translation tool.

The new Hub Keyboard multitasking keyboard app for Android comes with a small bar on top. The bar features icons which can be tapped by the users to grab information from elsewhere on their handsets, without the need to go to other apps.

About the advantages of Microsoft's Hub Keyboard for Android, the company's spokesperson Athima Chansanchai said in a blog post published on Tuesday that the keyboard app will allow users to "copy and paste recent items, easily search and share documents, share contact information, and instantly translate parts of messages."

Further adding that all the above-mentioned tasks are integrated into the Hub Keyboard, Chansanchai said: "You can choose which ones you want to use in any app that requires a keyboard."