Mariah Carey Opens Up About Poor Self-Esteem And Success

Proving anyone can have feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, superstar Mariah Carey opened up about her own struggles with self-esteem. Though her years of success have helped her overcome most of those negative feelings, Carey shares how her attitudes affected her early in her career and how they affected her drive to succeed.
Mariah Carey is Just Like Anyone
In talking about her original struggles to break into the music industry, Mariah recalled fighting her own insecurities and, although this was decades earlier, the pop star says she still struggles with those feelings. She suggests that it has been especially hard for her, because people don't expect someone of her stature to have feelings of self-doubt. In fact, Carey felt disrespected by those close to her and those in the industry, because she feels they haven't taken her seriously in the past.
"I have always had low self-esteem, and people do not recognize that," says Mariah.
Some of that criticism is well known. The online community has judged Carey harshly for her live appearances and concert performances, calling her out online for suspected lip-syncing and equipment failures. Most recently, Mariah had a live New Years Eve meltdown that went viral online for weeks afterward.
Music Saved Mariah Carey
Mariah recalls trying to find her place in life as a biracial, inner city teenager and feeling utterly lost, until she developed a love for music. She says music helped her overcome the problems that were holding her back and gave her the strength to let her guard down.
Even through the lean times (and Ms. Carey says there were plenty), she still had her music and her love of performing. She often slept in doorways and had to scrounge for food, but her dreams kept her alive and eager for success. Mariah and a friend would split the cost of pasta and sauce, which would feed them for a week. Sometimes, the local deli would give Ms. Carey a free bagel and iced tea.
Today, things aren't so tough. Mariah is a household name and has sold millions of records, but she's still not ready to hang it up. For her newest venture, she's partnering with Elizabeth Arden to develop a new fragrance and she also dropped the promise of a new song.
"It smells like success," Carey says of the perfume. "There is also a secret song I have been working on."