Magic Leap publishes YouTube video hinting at next level of augmented reality

Magic Leap publishes YouTube video hinting at next level of augmented reality

A YouTube video was released by secretive tech startup Magic Leap on Tuesday, to give a peek at its next-level augmented reality (AR) and wearable technology in action.

The video – which unfolds footage of Magic Leap’s AR headset at work – is titled ‘A New Morning.’ The two minute and seven second video essentially comprises a demonstration of practical use of Magic Leap's AR system for computer users.

Magic Leap has revealed that the footage was captured on April 8 “without use of special effects or compositing.” The company said that the video basically shows what the wearers of yet-to-be-publicly-launched headset might see when they don the headset.

The video is set in a standard office environment from a first-person view from behind a desk. The unseen wearer of the headset is shown to look across the desk down to and down to a pad of paper; with the action triggering a list of notifications from Gmail, YouTube, Snapchat, and other apps.

Thereafter, the headset wearer receives a message from his daughter. The message comes with an interactive project attachment, which unfolds a three-dimensional animated history project, tracking the history of Mt. Everest climbers.

The video also shows an impressive demonstration of what ecommerce may look like through the Magic Leap headset. The video surprisingly concludes with a smack of jellyfish that travel mid-air across the room, with the same natural and organic movement as in real water.