Luckey Palmer: 2016 is a crucial year, but not necessarily ‘the’ year of VR

Luckey Palmer: 2016 is a crucial year, but not necessarily ‘the’ year of VR

At the Microsoft's Spring Xbox Showcase press event on Thursday, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said that the year 2016 is a crucial year because it is the first year in which a number of companies are planning to launch their virtual reality (VR) devices.

During his address at the Xbox press event, Luckey unveiled the forthcoming Oculus version of the hugely popular game Minecraft.

Though Luckey noted the significance of the year 2016 in terms of the new VR innovations set to hit the market, he also added alongside that the full-scale deployment of VR will still take a few years.

Asserting that the popularity of VR devices will apparently take some time to witness a notable boost, Luckey said: "I don't think 2016 is necessarily 'the' year of virtual reality."

Meanwhile, reflecting his strongly on VR, Luckey said that the burgeoning VR platform has the potential to link the real world with "parallel digital worlds," and can thus unfold a set-up in which people will be able to live, work, play and communicate.

According to Luckey, one of the essential additions which VR can potentially make to digital communication -- other than efficiency and utility -- is human touch. Luckey also pointed out that VR chiefly bets on a combination of high-end means of real world communication and premium digital communication.