Los Angeles Unified School District Testing Out Vegan Menu in Seven Schools

Vegan Menu

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is in the process of testing out a vegan menu at seven of its schools to see how students liked the meals. School district staff will collect comments from random students about the vegan menu until November 17 and present their findings to the board. The board members will use the findings presented before them to decide whether or not to roll out the vegan food menu to other campuses.

Why the Program was Introduced

The LAUSD board approved the vegan program last May after a resolution was introduced by President Steve Zimmer who is a vegetarian. The resolution was supported by the Earth Peace Healthy Freedom Campaign made up of a group of vegetarian students.

The group pressed the LAUSD board to adopt and implement the vegan program across the district’s schools. It enlisted the help of actress Pamela Anderson, a self-proclaimed vegetarian and animal rights activist. Anderson made a personal appearance before the school board to push for the program’s adoption.

Reactions from Students

During lunchtime at Sylmar Charter High School, students who ate from the school’s cafeteria had several options including yogurt and granola, garlic cheese bread, toasted cheese sandwich, salad with turkey meat, or opt for Vegan chili.

Sylmar charter is one of the seven schools where the LAUSD board is testing out its new program. Apart from the vegan chili, the weekly menu will include one vegan choice every day like tortilla chips, bean tamale, veggie burger, Italian soy sausage sandwich, and teriyaki veggie patty sandwich.

Students liked the vegan chili meal more than the teriyaki burger. Jasmine Alvina, a 12th-grade student, liked the vegan chili. She admits that though she is not a vegetarian, she orders vegan meals outside of school sometimes.

Francisco Giron, a 11th-grade student, likes the vegan menu. He admits that he has been a full-fledged vegan for two months, and eats a lot of rice, beans, and salads. He said that his decision to go vegan was influenced by the fact that he wanted to eat right since he was an athlete.

Delylah Vazquez, a ninth grader, confessed that she loves the vegan chili more than the teriyaki burger. Adrian Gomez, also in the ninth grade, admitted that the teriyaki burger was pretty good for a vegan item. Christian Cisneros said that vegan food makes him do well in sports.

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