Los Angeles Sewage Spill: Seal Beach Reopens Following Three-day Closure

Los Angeles Sewage Spill: Seal Beach Reopens Following Three-day Closure

Good news for beachgoers! Officials have announced to reopen Seal Beach for people who want to swim. Long Beach is still close for beachgoers, following a sewage spill near downtown Los Angeles that occurred on Monday.

After noticing the 2.4 million-gallon spill, the officials closed decided to close beaches. It occurred at around 2 pm on Monday at Sixth Street and Mission Road in Boyle Heights.

In a recent announcement, officials at the Orange County Health Care Agency said that they have checked test results of water and found that bacteria levels were within the health standards. Long Beach is still closed as its water results are pending.

Health official said in a statement on Wednesday that the first water test was clean, but they want one more test before opening the beaches for swimmers and surfers. At least two tests should be showing drop in bacteria levels to reopen the beaches, they added.

As two bacteria tests were clean on Thursday for a mile of Southern California shoreline, the official announced to reopen the closed beach. They also announced a longer stretch near the shoreline remained closed in Long Beach.

The first water sample was taken one day after the spill. Results of the test confirmed low, or safe, levels of bacteria. It was good news, but officials wanted two consecutive clean tests before making an announcement regarding the reopening of the beaches.

The problem started on Monday when a pipe near downtown Los Angeles collapsed. It, then, led to of 2.4 million gallons of raw sewage onto the river and streets.

“The sewage leak was initially capped Monday night, but another rupture occurred during repairs. It was finally stopped Tuesday”, said Adel Hagekhalil, assistant director of Los Angeles Sanitation.