Los Angeles in the Running for World Cup

2026 World Cup

Los Angeles made the first cut in the battle to host the 2026 World Cup. FIFA officials received 41 applications from North American cities, to include cities in Mexico and Canada. After cutting more than five, Los Angeles made it to the second round along with 32 other cities. The bid is part of a join effort from the North American contingent. Should Los Angeles continue to progress through the process then it will join 12 other North American cities in hosting the games.

Los Angeles is an attractive choice because of its numerous venues. The FIFA committee considered the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Rose Bowl and the soon-to-be opened Rams-Chargers Stadium as potential venues. The United Bid Committee, under John Kristick's executive direction, held forth that FIFA was looking at North American sites capable of hosting global visitors. He continued, "They [the cities] are more than capable of helping fulfill the shared vision and ambition of FIFA and the United Bid in shaping the future of soccer in North America."

The last time the World Cup was held on North American soil was in 1994. Along with Los Angeles, other cities that remain contenders include Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Nashville, Las Vegas and several sites on the East Coast. In Mexico, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey are in the running. All of Canada's major cities are still in consideration. The committee turned down Cleveland, San Antonio, and several major U.S. cities in the south-eastern United States.

FIFA is looking for cities that are capable of staging games in multiple arenas and venues that have already been constructed. In addition, they are looking at the city's infrastructure to ensure that the region is capable of meeting the demands of thousands of visitors. With Los Angeles in the spotlight to host the Olympic Games it is plausible for Los Angeles to be one of the top choices.

The Bid Committee's next meeting is in June. During the meeting, which takes place in Houston, the Committee will again narrow down the choices. Internationally, the country that might pose the greatest competition to North America's bid is Morocco. FIFA's final decision will be revealed in June of 2018.