Logan Stout's IDLife Nutrition Offers Personalized Help for Reaching Fitness Goals

Logan Stout's IDLife

As America continues to have some of the highest rates of overweight and obesity in the world, it's no big surprise that many individuals are constantly on the search for reliable ways to get healthier and lose excess weight. Current statistics show that approximately 70% of adults are overweight and around 20% of those are heavy enough to be classified as obese. Overweight and obesity are not simply cosmetic issues influencing an individual's self-esteem surrounding their appearance. While these issues are also a part of the picture, the problems surrounding carrying too much weight on the human frame go much deeper than looks. Being overweight or obese drastically increases the chances of an individual suffering from various types of health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even some types of cancer. It's no surprise that an increasing number of men and women today are interested in taking steps to lose weight and become healthier overall.

While the goal of losing weight and achieving a greater level of health is a worthwhile one, it's not that easy for most people to find a workable solution. Most grocery and health food stores are packed with various products promising to offer the magic bullet for weight loss and improved health. However, many people are left frustrated when these products don't deliver as promised. There are now promising new nutritional supplements on the market through a company called IDLife, which focuses on creating personalized and targeted nutrition that offers better, long-lasting results.

Who is Logan Stout?

Logan Stout is a successful business man, entrepreneur, author, and leadership professional. His most recent venture has been the creation of IDLife, a company that emphasizes the need for customized nutritional supplements. Since the days of his youth when he was involved in many professional sports, Logan Stout has recognized the importance of nutrition in maintaining health and being able to perform properly in an athletic sense. Logan Stout helped launch IDLife in May of 2014, focusing on providing nutritional products that are targeted to each individual's unique needs.

Logan Stout is no stranger to hard work, and that includes his own academic career. He earned a business degree from Panola College and later went on to earn a Psychology degree from the University of Dallas. His continued love for sports also led to the development of The Dallas Patriots baseball organization that provides exciting mentoring opportunities for today's youth. Logan continues to break down barriers and help other people reach the type of lifestyle they strive to experience.

What is IDLife?

IDLife is a one-of-a-kind health and wellness company that is currently leading the way in personalized nutrition. Lots of companies exist that offer nutritional and performance related supplements, but IDLife is the first of its kind to provide customizable nutritional support for all users. IDLife offers a proprietary blend of powerful nutrition inside each available supplement, as well as a unique business model that can even help clients earn money as they lose weight and become healthier. Overall, Americans continue to have a growing interest in health and fitness related supplements, but many are disappointed when the products don't work as well as they hoped. Logan Stout and IDLife feel that part of the reason so many of these otherwise quality products don't work as intended is that they aren't specifically targeted to that person's needs. IDLife supplements correct that issue by providing customized options for everyone.

IDLife's Partnership with Garmin

We all know that health and wellness don't just relate to weight only. There are many factors involved in remaining healthy and fit over a lifetime. Diet and nutrition is a significant component involved in a healthy lifestyle, but so is the activity level of the person in question. This is why IDLife decided to partner directly with Garmin. Garmin is a world-renowned leader in wearable fitness trackers and other technology designed to help people live a more active lifestyle. IDLife customers can experience a user-friendly interface in the IDWellness mobile app associated with their IDLife account, allowing for the development of a central location for all their health and wellness related data. By tackling two of the biggest components of leading a healthy lifestyle, more people can experience a greater degree of success from their hard work.

What Makes IDLife's Products Unique?

Most nutritional companies today offer products that are mass produced and promoted as an answer to everyone, no matter their personal health situation, genetic makeup, or goals. IDLife starts by offering nutritional products of the highest quality, ensuring that each product lives up to its name.

IDLife also steps away from the one size fits all approach to supplementation that so many other companies use. IDLife realizes that every individual is different. We all have a variety of different factors that can influence our nutritional needs, such as the following.

- Medication use
- Personal dietary habits
- Exercise habits
- Genetic predispositions toward certain health issues
- Sun or toxin exposure
- Existing medical problems

IDLife allows new customers to complete a thorough questionnaire and profile that covers some of the areas mentioned above. This allows the company to recommend a specific program targeted to that individual's needs, goals, and current health situation.

Losing weight and striving to become healthier and more active individuals are goals that many American men and women have each year. Until now, many people felt overwhelmed and disheartened by the fact that these goals often seem easier to accomplish than they actually are. With the invention of targeted nutrition designed to fit each individual's specific needs and goals, this process could become much easier for millions of Americans. No two people have the exact same goals or the same body and genetic profile, so why should they be forced to rely on the same nutritional supplements that work well for some people but not for others? Personalized nutritional supplements are the way of the future and may allow for a much greater degree of success for the many who put them to use in achieving their health and wellness goals.