Live poultry across 25 states has sickened over 600 people with salmonella-related illnesses

Live poultry across 25 states has sickened over 600 people with salmonella-related illnesses

Federal health officials have reported eight outbreaks of salmonella-related illnesses in 45 states. It is reported that salmonella has infected poultry pets across the states leaving over 600 people sick. The outbreak was first reported in June 2. The number of those infected accounts for 287 confirmed cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Of the 496 victims of outbreak, 138 outbreak victims had to be hospitalized. Among those interviewed, 434 of 493 ill people said they had been in contact with live poultry, including chicks, chickens, ducks and ducklings, during the week before they became sick.

The illness started on January 4 and ever since it is continuing and number of incidences now has increased greatly. There is possibility that those calculated to have contracted the infection did not include those who fell ill after June 16 due to gap in the time between starting of symptoms and data reported to federal officials.

“These outbreaks are expected to continue for the next several months since flock owners might be unaware of the risk of Salmonella infection from live poultry or participate in risky behaviors that can result in infection”, according to the CDC.

The ill people also said that they bought live baby poultry from several suppliers, including feed supply stores, Internet sites, hatcheries and friends in multiple states. Some people reported they had had come in contact with live poultry in their home, someone else’s home, work or school.

The CDC recommends people to always wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water right after touching live poultry or anything that have been possibly in contact with live birds. It also advised not to bring live poultry inside the house. This could help consumers avoid salmonella-related illnesses.