Leonardo DiCaprio Condemns Energy Industry

Leonardo DiCaprio Condemns Energy Industry

Energy industry was condemned by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, while he was speaking at the World Economic Forum, which was held in Davos, Switzerland. He was awarded with the Crystal Award at the ceremony for his efforts in the climate change advocacy. The actor announced that his philanthropic foundation will be starting new projects to promote clean energy and the rights of indigenous people as well as to preserve oceans and forests.

He stated that the coal, oil and gas industries cannot be allowed to destroy the future of the human race because of their hunger for the resources. He criticized the corporate industry that focuses entirely on profits and destroys the environment for earning them. "Those entities with a financial interest in preserving this destructive system have denied and even covered up the evidence of our changing climate," said DiCaprio.

Fossil fuel industry was also on his radar of criticism and he proposed the closure of this industry that can be achieved when collective efforts will be made. He added that it is necessary to preserve fossil fuels for saving the planet. Two decades back, our reliance on fossil fuels was mandatory, but with today’s technological advancements, it is possible to end this dependence and stop the usage of fossil fuels.

In 2014, the actor was given the title of ‘U.N. Messenger of Peace’ due to his special efforts for bringing about change in the climate. The actor’s foundation intends to begin five projects, worth $15 million, for environmental causes. The projects he plans to undertake will be associated with the supervision of commercial fishing and the protection of the Indonesian rain forest as well as providing assistance to indigenous people in Ecuador. The projects will also include the protection of reefs in the Seychelles and the promotion of the usage of renewable resources of energy in the U.S.