Lenovo shows off new concept smartphone with flexible display

Lenovo shows off new concept smartphone with flexible display

At its Tech World conference in San Francisco, Chinese device maker Lenovo not only launched its latest smartphones, but also showed off a concept smartphone which features a flexible screen.

The concept smartphone with a flexible display is officially called the CPlus handset. It is currently in the development stage; and Lenovo has not offered any time frame for the launch of the handset on the market.

In showing off its experimental technology at the conference, Lenovo said that the bendy screen and internal hardware of the CPlus handset gives it the ability to get converted into a wearable device that can be wrapped around the wrist.

In introducing the ‘bendy’ CPlus handset to the conference attendees, Lenovo's Chief Technology Officer Peter Hortensius said that the device will feature a 4.26-inch flexible display, and will run the Android mobile operating system.

Hortensius also revealed that the CPlus flexible-screen smartphone will be available in two sizes -- large and small -- and in as many as 12 color options.