LAX Gets New CLEAR Pods to Speed Up Airport Security

L.A. Airport

Getting through security lines at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) just got easier. A recent NBC Bay Area report reveals that LAX has become the 22nd airport in the nation to install CLEAR pods. The pods are installed in terminals 2 and 3 at LAX before the ID verification area. The desire to expand to LAX has been on CLEAR’s radar for several years now. Back in 2013, they asked Facebook users to post their best “LAX plea” on the Facebook page. Almost 5 years later, The Los Angeles Times announced CLEAR would be expanding to LAX at the end of January 2017.

CLEAR is a voluntary biometric identity verification service made available to travelers for a nominal subscription fee. CLEAR currently offers a membership billed annually at a cost of $15 per month. Children under 18 years of age can use CLEAR with an enrolled adult. The verification process is completed in three simple steps that takes just 5-10 minutes. After entering a passport, driver’s license or ID online, travelers simply visit an Airport with CLEAR, enroll their fingerprints and an iris scan. By using the CLEAR system, travelers are able to pre-verify their identification. Once enrolled, travelers simply scan their boarding pass and use their fingerprint or iris scan. This allows them to skip the ID verification line at the airport and go directly to the screening line.

In an interview last month, CLEAR co-founders Caryn Seidman-Becker and Ken Corman expressed their desire to create a “frictionless experience from curb to gate.” CLEAR partnered with Delta Airlines last year for facial recognition technology and gave the airline a 4% stake in the company. While the service only extends to identity verification for security right now, the company hopes to use their technology for outside of the airport too. CLEAR could be used to reduce long lines in sports stadiums or to provide building access in a business environment. With $35 million in funding raised, CLEAR may expand into these applications soon.

CLEAR is available to travelers going through LAX immediately. There will be a 30 day free trial for those that would like to try the system. After that enrollees will be charged the standard fee. Some airlines such as Delta do offer discounts for CLEAR memberships. Sky Miles members and Delta credit card holders can save up to $100 on membership and even enroll an additional family member for $50.

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