Laura Lea Goldberg Makes Waves With New Holistic Cookbook

Laura Lea Goldberg has just released her new holistic cookbook, The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook, containing familiar recipes with a healthier, tastier twist.

As abc7 details, Goldberg's book has found a good deal of success thanks in part to the way it presents its recipes. "I'm trying to get people away from these very strict ideas of health because that's when people won't do it," she said. This is what gave her the idea to try incorporating more wholesome and nutritious ingredients into the foods people already love, rather than try to convince people to drastically change their entire diet.

Her approach is somewhat uncommon among other health food programs, as many lean far too heavily into the health aspect of the food or use a negative approach to try and scare or shame people into eating better. This strategy rarely works, leading many to distrust holistic alternatives due to bad experiences and preconceptions. This is the kind of mindset Goldberg hopes to change with her food.

"I want my readers to become their own health guru and the only way to do that is to listen to your body." Instead of eliminating desserts or limiting what people are "allowed" to eat, Goldberg's approach to cooking simply presents healthier recipes for popular foods, including sweets. Her overall approach to food is much less like dieting (which she advocates against), speaking of moderation and self-control when it comes to less healthy kinds of food.

Using healthy ingredients like quinoa, lentils, and chia seeds, Goldberg manages to adapt recipes like pizza and pudding to be less fattening and more nutritious. While not eliminated outright, her food generally stays away from animal products like meat or dairy, with hearty natural alternatives that give the same feeling of fullness with less calories.

But, best of all, her recipes are designed to be convenient. Prep work is simple and most ingredients can be combined in a blender. Most of the components are also meant to be easily obtainable in the vein of things people would have in their pantry.

Goldberg's book can be bought online at many popular bookstores. In addition, her website includes many great recipes all on its own.