Latin American Art Exhibits Come to Southern Californian Museums

Looking to see some of the most exhilarating Latin American artwork? Lucky for you, better representation in this community will soon be coming. It will feature some of the most compelling artwork of Latin America. For example, you have Pacific Standard Time, which takes on an ambitious project to explore the art of Latin America and its ongoing dialogue with Los Angeles. The exhibition emphasizes its focus on the visual arts, but the programs will ultimately touch on everything from literature to music to performance and even the Latin American foods.

Days of the Dead Artist Ricardo Soltero
Looking for an authentic venue that provides insights into ancient tradition? Dia de los Muertos from Hollywood Forever Cemetery will observe, celebrate and preserve Latino heritage. When we dive deeper into the heart of this event, we see spiritual shrines and personalized altars of dazzling meaning. With this exhibit, we catch a glimpse of what happens when ancient tradition meets with modern custom. Some of the common themes at this exhibit are family, faith and history—the foundation of Latino culture. Ricardo Soltero, the designer of this big event, said he first started working on it nine years ago while still the assistant scenic designer. The event generates more momentum every year.

Murales Rebeldes Exhibition
A thrilling exhibit called Plaza de Cultura y Artes from Olvera Street, this Latino art exhibit looks at the murals between the late 1960s and the 1970s. During this period, art became one of the public voices and an artistic response to the Chicano Movement. At this time, the other channels of communication went unheard in the Mexican American community. When you look at the exhibition, it takes a look at the murals from the greater Los Angeles area of that time. Because of backlash, some of the murals were threatened or destroyed. One of the destroyed includes the landmark mural, "L.A. History: A Mexican Perspective" by Barbara Carrasco.

You might also want to check out the exhibit "Martin Ramirez: His Life in Pictures." This famous Mexican artist taught himself to draw, and you will learn the story of his life and some of the hardships he overcame through unrelenting determination. These exhibits are the history of Latin American art, and they're worth checking out because it tells an epic story of the Latin American people. You have a variety to choose from, and this art brings a piece of cultural history to the Southern Californian museums.