Latest iPhone 7 leaked images show new camera components

Latest iPhone 7 leaked images show new camera components

According to the indications from the new leaked images of Apple's forthcoming flagship iPhone - iPhone 7 - via NowhereElse. fr, the next-generation iPhone lineup will apparently boast new camera components.

The latest images of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus leaked by NowhereElse. fr show that though the overall design of the iPhone 7 lineup will largely be the same as that of iPhone 6s, the new flagship iPhone will apparently have new cameras and redesigned antenna lines.

The new leaked images are in line with the earlier rumors that the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus model will apparently come with an exclusive dual-camera component. The leaked images show a nearly 1-centimeter gap between the two inner cameras enfolded in a pill-shaped protruding component.

The leaked images also hint at a camera upgrade coming to the 4.6-inch iPhone 7 model. It will have a substantially bigger lens opening; with the component, as a whole, aligned closer to the corner of the handset.

Moreover, in corroboration of previous iPhone 7 rumors, the new leaked images also show that the next-generation iPhone will not have of horizontal antenna lines on its rear. The antenna lines have been redesigned in iPhone 7, and they now present only at the chassis edges.