Latest California News

The parents of a five-year-old boy were worried this morning after the driver of San Diego Unified School District bus dropped the child at the wrong spot. The child’s home was a mile away. The boy was dropped at the busy intersection of the Community of South Crest. The father was scared. He expected the boy to be dropped at the usual bus stop.

The parent decided to call the school after waiting for a long time. The father of the boy was scared because the busy street of 38th in National Avenue is very risky. It is full of drug addicts and kidnappers. The boy was later found, and his father picked him. The driver of the school carried the blame. Parents are encouraged to report all concerns to the Quality Assurance Office or call them through 619-725-7211.

Tyler Perry announced that he is planning to donate $1 million to Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort. He announced this on Facebook. He said that $250 000 would go to Lakewood Church and part of it to Pastor Joel Osteen. The church had many controversies on social media. They were accused of refusing to host the victims of floods. Perry explained why Osteen refused to open the church. He said that it was purely about safety concerns and nothing else.

Lawmakers rejected a Bill that argues that bars should be opened until 4 am. The Senate Bill 384 was capable of allowing local people to keep bars and night clubs open until 4 am. Many opponents argued that passing this Bill would lead to various DUI cases and alcohol related premature deaths. The Bill did not go through because the majority opposed it.