LastPass announces its own two-factor authentication app

LastPass announces its own two-factor authentication app

Well-known password management service LastPass has announced a new two-factor authentication app called LastPass Authenticator. The app is aimed at boosting the security mechanism for LastPass users, so as to ensure better protection of their accounts from cybercriminals.

Announcing the new LastPass Authenticator two-factor authentication app, LastPass said that the app is now available for the iOS and Android platforms. The company also revealed that it plans to roll out a Windows Phone version of the app soon.

The Last Pass Authenticator app, like any other two-factor authentication app, adds an additional security layer for the users, by requiring the users to add an extra verification, such as a special code or fingerprint, after they have entered their password.

Revealing that the LastPass Authenticator app generates 6-digit, time-sensitive passcodes, or sends push notifications to users to allow them to access their accounts, LastPass said that the app supports standard TOTP. As such, Last Authenticator is compatible with apps and websites which support Google Authenticator, like Facebook, Evernote, WordPress, and Dropbox, among others.

Asserting that the rollout of the LastPass Authenticator app is part of company’s mission “to make it simple and convenient for you to follow best practices for protecting your personal information,” LastPass said in a Wednesday blog post that the app will make it “easier than ever for you to turn on two-factor authentication for your LastPass account and other services."