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The Universal Kabbalah has varying definitions depending on the tradition and aims of those following it. It has been referenced in Judaism, Christianity, New Age, and Occultist followings, but at its root, the Kabbalah is a set of esoteric teaching meant to explain the connection between the unchanging, everlasting Ein Sof (no ending) and the mortal, finite universe.

Many people do not even heard of the Kabbalah and what it is related to. Kabbalah is a kind of a religious belief which is more into identifying the spiritual truth around us. It is believed to be very much related to Judaism, and it teaches both the things from Bible as well as practices of early Jewish religions in the name of Law of God. The existence of such a kind of a religious thing is not even known by many of the people involved in the spiritual activities.

In itself, the Kabbalah is not a religious denomination. It is merely a foundation upon which interpretation can exist. It seeks to define what is the nature of existence/the universe and the human being - all ontological questions.

There are so many controversial thoughts about Kabbalah that exist in many places, but those who are into the highest positions of this religious thing are not worried about it. They even organize for so many classes about Kabbalah and its importance. They still argue that only through these kinds of beliefs we could realize the spiritual beliefs about God and the origin of this world. The followers of Kabbalah are present all over the world, and they try to spread the awareness about their beliefs and activities among various other people in the name of unlocking Zohar and several other forms.

They even do have a Kabbalah centre in Los Angeles. Many classes are also being conducted at the Kabbalah center to spread the truth about Kabbalah. There are so many rumors and controversies that are prevailing about this belief and the things they do but the people who do believe Kabbalah are not bothered about these, and they do continue their preaching about their strong beliefs about spiritual truth. Many other things could be discussed about these controversies prevailing about Kabbalah.

Kabbalistic tradition, knowledge was orally transmitted by teachers, Over a million people practiced it, million people. In time, various invasions forced spiritual leadership of Jewish to hide this knowledge as they feared it being misused.

Kabbalistic knowledge became the preserve of a select few. Over this period several different Kabbalah Centres developed but as a rough guide, certain ideas tended to hold true.

Kabbalists believe God is not a matter or a spirit but creator of the both. God has two aspects, the called Ein Sof and is unknowable and the other the second can be understood about Divine emanations called Ohr. These are evident in creation and God's interaction with humans.

The emanations are; Sefirot, Partzumfim and the Worlds of Creation which are comprised of various realms. Medieval Kabbalists believed everything is linked by Ohr to God.

This led one Kabbalah centre to argue our reality is constructed according to merits of each. Once everyone has completed their part in improving the world, the Messianic Era will begin. Later writers claimed that God is all that exists and everything else is completely indifferent from his point of view.

Another important concept in the Kabbalah is the Sefirot; the ten Ohr and Gods attributes which sustain the universe The divine description manifestation through the 10 Sephirot is a major part of the Medieval Kabbalah, along with their gender aspects, and the concept of downward Divine flow Light through a chain of Creation.

While actions of human are the basis of the universe, they must involve the intention of compassion. It is often impossible without trusting in God's support. The Kabbalah also argues that the soul of human has three elements, Nefesh, reach, and nesh amah. Nefesh is in every human and enters the body at birth. The other two parts of the soul can be developed by actions and beliefs of a person and can only be fully realized in folks who are spiritually aware.

Perhaps the most widely reported aspect of the Kabbalah is that it claims that every letter, word, and number in the Bible of Hebrew contains a hidden meaning and teaches methods for discovering these meanings. One way to uncover these hidden truths relies on converting numbers from the letters, thus revealing important esoteric knowledge.

The Kabbalah is an enigmatic and intricate system of metaphysical thought and moral guidance somewhat at odds from the 'quick-fix' solution that is often portrayed in the popular media despite this it has many celebrity followers, not least pop star Madonna.

The real essence of the Kabbalah Centre, to many, is realizing it is more about losing oneself than finding oneself, becoming more other-centered and less self-centered. Through this, we can raise our consciousness to where our perception of what is reality is altered, and that which we seek to know is revealed.

The Kabbalah is divided into three parts. The first part is theoretical, that which focuses itself on the inner dimensions of reality, including souls, and angels. The second part is meditative, in which the goal is to achieve an elevated meditative state of consciousness, or even level of prophecy by using Divine names, etc. The third part is magical, that which concerns itself with changing or influencing the course of nature, including using incantations, amulets, magical symbols, and talisman.

Of these three parts, different followers place differing levels of importance on each, but perhaps the largest section of Kabbalah devotees consider the theoretical dimension to be the most useful for study. And while the purpose of the Kabbalah can come with many misconceptions, in its purest sense it is meant to encourage perfection of the Self, make the Self better, more open to enlightenment, more attuned to the universe and one's soul.

This awareness happens by drawing down the Infinite Light from an abstract existence into one's daily reality. It becomes a daily study of life, but not a study as from books. It is a study done by living. To study Kabbalah at Kabbalah Centre without living its practices is like reading about love but failing to experience it firsthand. That is the ultimate purpose of the Kabbalah. So live it, know it, and be open to receive it.

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