Large venomous brown snake becomes victim of a Daddy Long Leg spider

Large venomous brown snake becomes victim of a Daddy Long Leg spider

A serious fight between a spider and a brown snake has shown that size hardly matters. A Daddy Long Leg spider defeated a huge venomous brown snake, by killing the snake in New South Wales, Australia.

It seems like that the long-legged spider ambushed the snake at the site where they had a head-on fight. According to a news release, Australian farmer Patrick Lees saw the dead reptile hanging from a web at his outback home in Weethalle, nearly 400 kilometers west of Sydney. The story was reported by Mashable.

First of all Lees checked if the snake was dead, as it is known for its quick bite and deadly venom. He noted that the snake was already dead, so Lees captured an image and let the skinny spider enjoy its snack.

Lees said that he can’t deny the spider its victory, and wasn’t sure if it killed it but clearly the spider had a good meal.

There is a possibility that the snake got trapped in the web, enabling the spider to consume the snake. In eastern Australia, brown snakes are very common. Their bites discharge a deadly combination of neurotoxins and coagulants, which are dangerous to humans and other creatures.

While sharing the experience, Lees said, “When I walked out to shed on Sunday and saw this brown snake strung up by a daddy longlegs in its web, I couldn't believe it. So I took some photos and shared them on Facebook page I've started called 'the Aussie farmer”. He even recorded the snake-spider encounter on video.

Lees told Live Science that he’d never witnessed anything like that before. He added that people think that everything in the bush tries to kill you, but the experience has taken it to the next level. He mentioned that according to him, it was a classic Australia moment, thus he shared it.