LAPD Delivers Christmas Baby on Apartment Floor

LAPD Officers

On Christmas Day, when officers responded to a call regarding a woman screaming in an LA apartment building, what they found was not what they expected. LAPD Officers Clinton Popham and Francisco Muro arrived at the 451 S. Main Street apartment building to find a laboring woman walking the hall of the apartment’s fifth floor.

When officers arrived on the scene, the pregnant woman was not wearing pants and her water had broken, indicating she was possibly nearing giving birth. 20-year department veteran Popham, Muro and four additional officers rushed to the aid of the pregnant woman. Officers got the woman to lay on the floor and called for paramedics to assist. One officer timed her contractions and alerted the others that she appeared to be close to giving birth. There would be no time to get her to a hospital before the baby arrived.

The woman tried to stand up again, perhaps in a momentary panic, but officers convinced her to lay back down. The baby’s head became visible and it was clear that the baby’s birth was imminent. While officers supported the laboring mom’s legs, Officer Popham coached her to push and push hard. The baby was born soon after. The newborn was wrapped in a blanket brought by a neighbor, and paramedics stabilized the mom, who had lost what appeared to be a significant amount of blood. Mom and baby had a brief cuddle before being transported to the hospital where they were both reported to be doing well.

Officer Popham credited his calm demeanor to having four children of his own, three of which he was present during birth.
In a Christmas Tweet, LAPD Central Area Capt. Marc Reina expressed being proud of the officers who responded to the call. It turns out working Christmas Day isn’t all bad after all.