Lakers Choose Lonzo Ball With Second Pick in 2017 NBA Draft

L.A. Lakers

The saga of Lonzo Ball has been one of the most heavily covered sports stories of the past year. The young man became a college basketball superstar playing for UCLA. Unfortunately, his father wound up generating as many headlines as his son for all the wrong reasons. Lavar Ball made a habit of making controversial statements on national talk shows that generated a ton of publicity. That is what Lavar was going for because he also promoted his son every chance he would get. The antics of his father did not prevent the Los Angeles Lakers from drafting Lonzo Ball number two overall in the 2017 NBA draft.

Lavar Ball has made no secret of the fact that he wanted his son to play in the bright lights of Los Angeles. This is the perfect place for Lavar to start officially marketing his son's Big Baller brand. Lonzo thought there was a very good chance that he was going to be drafted by the Lakers. He worked out for the team several weeks ago so the Lakers would be impressed with his skills and consider drafting him. Some Laker fans are very concerned about how much of a distraction that Lavar Ball will be to the team. However, that factor obviously did not deter the Lakers from drafting Lonzo.

There had been a great deal of speculation in the media that the Lakers were actually considering trading the second pick in the draft. That would have guaranteed that Lonzo Ball would have been drafted by a different team. However, these reports turned out to be completely false. The Lakers believe that Lonzo is a hard worker. It is also very clear that they feel he is a player they can build a team around that can compete for many years to come. Players that are chosen number two overall are expected to be cornerstone players for the next decade. Is that who Lonzo Ball will turn out to be? Only time will tell.

The University of Washington's Markelle Fultz was chosen with the first overall pick by Philadelphia. It did not take Fultz long to begin trolling Lonzo Ball on social media. It is clear that Fultz wants to create a rivalry with Ball that could draw additional media attention to them. It remains to be seen if the social media war of words between the two rookies will materialize into a rivalry on the court next season.