LA Community Supports Alfred Angelo Brides

Bridal Dress

The sudden closure of bridal retailer Alfred Angelo stores across the nation took many people by surprise, especially their bridal customers. All 60 retail stores closed and the company filed for bankruptcy last week.

Alfred Angelo brides in the Los Angeles area were left in a very difficult situation as a result of the closures. But the community is stepping up to fill the void. Smaller bridal stores like Della Curva in Tarzana, CA opened during their off-days to accommodate brides left in limbo with regard to their dress. Owner Lisa Litt is also offering a 30% discount to brides and says the closure reflects poorly on the industry:

> "We feel for them. It's a stain on industry…We just want to help (their) dream come true.”

While the Alfred Angelo closures shocked brides around the country, other local retailers started seeing signs that something was amiss the week before the closure happened. Tory Dean, the manager of a bridal shop in Fullerton was told by customers that they were unable to order a dress from an Alfred Angelo store:

> “We kind of got wind about it last weekend. We had a couple walk in the door who had gone to an Alfred Angelo store in Brea by the Brea Mall, and they said that store was no longer able to order dresses — everything in the store was discounted. So they came and shopped with us."

Support from local retailers is a welcome sight given that many brides and bridesmaids have been unable to get their dresses. There are six Alfred Angelo stores in Southern California. One store at Beverly Grove had a sign up saying that they were open for pick up only. Customers were still unable to pick up their items. The bankruptcy of the bridal retailer was apparently a planned move.

Other individuals are pitching in to help Alfred Angela brides too. An administrator of a Disney brides Facebook group organized an effort to help track down Alfred Angelo dresses sold through other retailers. Former brides on Twitter also offered their previously worn dresses to current brides in need.

Some dresses will be shipped out to customers. Employees at Alfred Angelo stayed up all night for the purposes of getting dresses shipped out. Customers are now being directed to email the entity handling the bankruptcy directly. The bridal company’s website is also going to be used to update customers about dresses.

Thanks to the efforts of Los Angeles retailers and individuals, it is hoped that many brides will still have a wonderful wedding in spite of this news.