Kitten Gets A Ride On Delivery Truck


A kitten recently got an unexpected ride in a delivery truck in California. The driver of the truck discovered the kitten when he dropped off packages at the Burlingame animal shelter. The shelter was waiting for a delivery of supplies that would be used and found the two-month old kitten hiding behind some boxes on the truck. Workers at the shelter named the kitten Pallet. He got the name because he was found underneath pallets in the truck.

Workers aren't sure when the kitten got inside the truck or where he got on board. Pallet is a healthy kitten and has been examined by the shelter. When the workers tried to get to the kitten, they had to approach him carefully because he was scared. They were soon able to reach the kitten and get him to safety so that he could begin to get adjusted to people. The kitten was given food and water, and he is now up for adoption. There were no other kittens on the truck with him, which is a bit odd because he is so young.

The kitten has been microchipped and vaccinated. He has been given a good bill of health and is ready for a family to take him home so that he can be loved. There is an adoption fee for the kitten. Those who are interested can view pictures of him online or go to the Tom and Annette Lantos Center to see the kitten before deciding if they want to adopt him. This is an unusual way for the shelter to get an animal. Most of the time, the shelter gets animals because people surrender pets that they can't care for or that they find as strays. The kitten doesn't show any signs of being injured while he was riding on the truck.