Inmates Receiving Needed Healthcare

Healthcare Services

Inmates at California prisons usually don't get the healthcare that they need. This isn't a surprise to taxpayers as they often don't feel that inmates should get the same kind of healthcare services provided. However, there could be some changes to how prisons and jails offer healthcare to inmates so that they have the basic health needs met until they are released from the facility.

Michael Callahan is a man who made mistakes that landed him in jail. He sold drugs and got caught. Unfortunately, he is a diabetic and concentrated more on selling and using drugs than he did on making sure his health was in order. When Michael got to the jail, he knew that his health had suffered. His legs were swollen, and he was very sick because he hadn't controlled his diabetes. After only a few months, he was able to get his blood sugar and blood pressure under control. There is a nurse at the jail who helps to keep him on track by giving him the medications he needs when they are supposed to be taken. Michael also sees a doctor on a regular basis. These are services that he wasn't offered and didn't get before going to jail.

Many inmates leave the facility where they were housed in a healthier manner than when they entered. They receive three meals a day, have a place to sleep and get at least basic healthcare that they might not have received before going to jail. Los Angeles County officials are working with the local health department to ensure that inmates do receive the care that they need so that they can function normally. When inmates are healthy, they make healthier choices and choices that sometimes don't result in them going back to jail once they are released. The clinics that are in jails are being designed so that they are similar to those that are in the general public.