Industry on Cannabis having mixed reviews About the New Regulations for Legal Marijuana in California

Legal Marijuana

The state of California has released emergency regulations that will govern its use by adults and the medical cannabis program. The launch happened last week, and some residents in California are worried about the consequences that would follow. Officials from the state of California on Thursday released the long-awaited regulations in a 276-page document. The regulations are set to control the use of marijuana in the state. The launch happened only two months before the new adult-use cannabis program. At best, the state of legal cannabis in California can only be termed as a work in progress. A court qualified expert on marijuana, Chris Conrad, says that the programs are just a starting place. Conrad says that the people who care about marijuana will do everything in their ability to make it work.
The following are just a few of the regulations that were released in the report:
• Medical patients are only allowed up to eight ounces of marijuana. Adults can purchase up to eight grams of concentrate, an ounce of bud or six plants that are immature.
• Cannabis samples or products for adult use cannot be given for free.
• The only way allowed to deliver cannabis is a closed vehicle. Bicycles and drones are prohibited.
• Edibles should not exceed 10 milligrams of THC per serving. No product is permitted to have more than 100 milligrams in one package.
• Cannabis products should not contain seafood, dairy, added caffeine or nicotine. However, for dairy products, butter is allowed, and the tincture is permitted for alcoholic products.
• Cannabis-related products must be tested for passing levels of pesticides, cannabinoids, moisture, heavy metals, solvents and microbial impurities.
The board has classified CO2 gas and ethanol as nonvolatile solvents when manufacturing concentrates are concerned. Conrad says that the manufacturing solvents regulation is one of the best things about the whole law. He says that it will keep a lot of people from going to jail when you look at it in a social justice point of view. However, one of the misgivings about the regulations is that other enterprises that are not related to cannabis are using the rules as a cash cow. For instance, there are weird over-regulation by firms in the security industry. The over-regulation is because security system manufacturers are marketing themselves to regulators than is necessary. Over-regulation also makes it hard to enter into the industry due to the high costs involved.