Impure Water to be Source of Kidney Stones in Teens

Kidney Stones in Teens

Though, kidney stones is not the new problem in children, it is very common problem among them. But, have you ever thought that what is the source of the problem? Yes, the main reason behind the problem outlined in research published Thursday by a Children's Hospital of Philadelphia doctor, is impure water. The problem of kidney stones is also not new, it’s a very old affliction historically found most often in middle-aged white men, which has been doubled in less than two decades.

Gregory Tasian, pediatric urologist and epidemiologist, said that the risk increased the most for adolescents, girls, and African Americans. Many health agencies and health officials across the world have been trying hard to improve water facilities as improper water is the source for many diseases. Broken and dilapidated fountains have long been a source of complaints for students and teachers in Philadelphia, who have gone so far as to demand water access in contract work rules. Tasian, whose research was published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, said the increase in the kidney-stone was seen for the first time in 2005.

On analyzing the medical records of nearly 153,000 people dating from 1997 to 2012, from South Carolina, Tasian and his colleagues found kidney-stone incidence increased 4.7% annually among teens and 2.9% per year among African Americans. There was a 45% increase in lifetime risk for women. Urologists who have been practicing from past 25 to 30 years said the children who have been found with the problem of kidney stones were mostly those with really rare and inherited metabolic conditions. But, with the coming generation, the problem of kidney stone is seen much common in healthy children and that too much earlier in life.

The painful mineral deposits are passed naturally 70% of the time. The rest require surgical removal. Kidney stones can be a chronic condition and have been linked to elevated risk of chronic kidney disease as well as cardiovascular and bone disease. It is highly advisable to children as well as their parents to drink healthy impure water free of dust and impurities.