Immigration in California


California has more people than any state in the United States. In addition, California has the largest economy in the country. One of the main drivers behind the economic growth in the state is immigration. There are many people who move to California in search of a better life from Mexico.

President Trump has spoken out against immigration laws in the state. In a recent news release, the governor is expanding laws to protect immigrants who move into the area. This is huge news for people who are moving to California from other countries. However, this is also a topic that will be vigorously debated by people on both sides of the issue.

Positive Impact on Economy

When many people think of immigration, they envision people from other nations coming in and taking away jobs. However, there are some positive changes that take place when immigrants move into an area as well. One of the best changes that take place is a higher supply of workers in various industries. There are a variety of industries that are currently struggling to hire enough workers for all of the projects that they have.

With this labor shortage, the leadership of California recognizes what a significant impact that more immigration can have on the economy. This is one of the primary reasons why the most recent law was put into place.


On the other side of the issue, there are people who believe that immigration without laws can lead to various issues. Over time, many immigrants have moved in and committed crimes in the state. Some people believe that more restrictions should be put on people who move to California and commit crimes.

Over the next few months, this is a debate that is going to continue taking place. There are people who are passionate about the issue on both sides of the debate. Everyone can agree that the state of California is in defiance to President Trump and his immigration reform. It will be interesting to see what takes place in the state as the debate intensifies.