Hurricane Harvey Impacts Air Travelers in Los Angeles

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey pummeled the Texas Gulf Coast this weekend with rain and high winds, causing some loss of life and displacing thousands of people. The disaster also caused some disruptions in California. A 70-member team of search and rescue workers from Sherman Oaks journeyed to Texas overland to provide assistance on the ground, while in LAX hundreds of air travels encountered extended delays or flight cancellations as a result of the rainy weather in East Texas.

Flight Cancellations And Delays

Most people traveling through the Los Angeles airport did not experience delays this weekend. However, passengers hoping to fly to Texas airports from LAX met with long lines at ticket counters. By Monday morning, Harvey (now downgraded to a Tropical Storm) had caused the cancellation of more than 1,000 flights to and from Houston's airports. The large City of Houston sits along the Gulf Coast. Harvey has already caused extensive flooding in some sections of that Texas city.

Airlines announced the cancellation of over 30 flights scheduled between Los Angeles and Houston this week. Most impacted travelers had obtained tickets to fly on Monday or Tuesday. Some passengers with layovers at airports in Texas had to revise their travel plans.

Californians Participating in Relief Efforts

Meanwhile, on Saturday night a large caravan of firefighters and search and rescue personnel deployed from Sherman Oaks in trucks to support relief efforts along the Texas Coast. Mobilized by FEMA, the federal emergency disaster relief agency, the team members included a K-9 search and rescue dog, a structural engineer and a physician. They carried along a large quantity of relief supplies to assist beleaguered residents of the Gulf Coast. Members of the team have obtained extensive training and government-issued certifications in disaster relief efforts.

FEMA also activated seven other units in California to help people in Texas in the aftermath of the storm. The teams include trained disaster relief personnel from Riverside County, Orange County and Los Angeles County. The heavy rains following the storm have already caused flooding in Texas already. However, officials do not expect the flooding to reach its peak in East Texas until later this week. They anticipate as many as 450,000 people may require some aid during the crisis.