HTC planning to launch mobile VR headset

HTC planning to launch mobile VR headset

Taiwanese tech giant HTC Corp. has plans to launch a new virtual reality-enabled headset before the end of this year, the smartphone maker’s president of global sales Chia-lin Chang said in an interview.

Speaking at the HTC U series launch event in Singapore, Chang said that the company has “good plan” in terms of blending mobility with virtual reality (VR).

Speaking on the topic, he hinted that the upcoming mobile VR headset would be compatible with HTC’s new flagship smartphone, dubbed the U Ultra.

HTC entered the VR arena with its high-end system Vive, which requires to be linked to a powerful and expensive personal computer for operation. One of its main features is its base station that contains the Lighthouse tracking system that allows users to plunge into room-scale VR.

In spite of the more powerful capabilities of the Vive, it has been surpassed terms of sales by the rival Samsung Gear VR. Last year, smartphone-powered Gear VR sold 4.5 million units, while the Vive could sol only 400,000 units.

Not much is known about HTC’s upcoming mobile VR headset, but one can assume that it would take up the space between existing smartphone-powered headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR and high-end systems like the HTC Vive.