HPE announces commercial version of ‘Haven OnDemand’

HPE announces commercial version of ‘Haven OnDemand’

In a last-week announcement, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) said that its 'Haven OnDemand' machine learning platform is now open for business. The platform has been in beta for the past two years.

HPE's Haven OnDemand machine learning platform runs on computers operated by Microsoft's Azure cloud-computing unit. The platform chiefly gives businesses the ability to develop cognitive computing solutions, speech recognition, text analysis, image analysis, indexing, and search APIs.

According to HPE, more than 12,000 developers have already been registered for the Haven OnDemand community. The registration of the developers for the platform gives them access to sophisticated techniques - like machine learning - without the requirement of maintaining a data center or developing the underlying technology.

In its announcement of the availability of a commercial version of Haven OnDemand, HPE said that businesses will still be able to access the 'freemium' service which it has been offering throughout its beta testing phase. The 'freemium' service enables users to build and test APIs for free.

Revealing that over 60 different machine learning APIs have been built during the beta stage of Haven OnDemand, Fernando Lucini
-- VP of HPE Haven OnDemand -- said that Haven OnDemand has the capability to "analyze and extract insights from text, audio, video, and image files, detect faces or fraud, and be used to build predictive models and recommendation engines."