How Donald Trump Is Revenging In the State Of California


There is fear among the Democratic lawmakers that the hardline that the Trump administration is currently pushing may eventually lead the State of California losing a seat in the House of Congress during the forthcoming reapportionment round. Top leaders and officials from the Democratic Party have expressed their fears over the restrictive policies that have been implemented by the US government under the leadership of president Trump. The liberals are also worried about the possible inclusion of the citizenship question in the coming national census which could scare a majority of the residents in California who are mostly immigrants, from taking part in the census that is conducted after every ten years.

As a result, there would be an undercount on California’s population that could result in the reduction of federal funding to the state government over the next decade. The decennial census could also possibly see the loss of one out of the 53 members of Congress. The worries are well researched. The state of California is currently on the bubble considering the demographic formula used by the US Congress to determine the number of seats that are awarded to every state. California may lose a seat in the US House of Representatives for the very first time in the history of the state’s politics. The Governor of California, Jerry Brown who hails from the Democratic Party, said that his government had set aside more than $40 million to conduct its internal census to avoid the repercussions that would befall the state if such a thing happened during the federal census.

One of the administrative data experts in California, Paul Mitchell said that there are lots of fears within the political and administrative circles in the state. Mr. Mitchell works for Political Data Inc., which is the voter data company that is used by both Democrats and Republicans in the state. He added that the state authorities had begun to pool resources as that would not have an as much significant impact as being underfunded by the federal government for the next decade due to a wrong census. The Secretary of State in California, Alex Padilla, said that the management of the national census by the US federal government under the leadership of president trump would have very grave consequences on the state. Padilla added that the citizenship question was the latest warning sign and may have a significant effect on how California will be funded by the federal government over the next decade.