How California is Fighting Climate Change

Climate change

The Golden State or California is a state like no other. While other states may have fallen back on climate change control, things just got interesting for the state that recently passed the cap and trade program to cut down pollution. Talking to the Los Angeles Times, Christina Garcia says that she has been on the forefront against climate change and pollution in the state. As for her, she says that she began fighting pollution long before she became an assembly woman. She began by cleaning the air around the polluted neighborhoods and was an activist back them. Little did she know that she would be part of the assembly that passed the cap and trade program. She needed a little assurance that the bill would cater for smokestacks beyond controlling greenhouse emissions.

Nonetheless, her dream became a reality when California Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law. This was a proud moment for the assembly woman as the governor signed the bill in her neighborhood of Bell Gardens, California. Later on, advocates congratulated her for making this dream a reality through the AB 627 bill. However, there is a group of environmentalists who feel that the new cap and trade bill will harm the environment as its giving power to the industries to pollute. Some of these environmentalists even opposed Christina Garcia with her air pollution bill. Those that opposed this bill said that it had little chances of success.

During the protest, Garcia was kind enough to walk towards the group of protesters and took a picture with some of the protesters. She later said that since she has ever been on the other side of the wall, she can truly understand their skepticism and where they come from. She also noted that she had been left frustrated by the protesters who were oblivious of history. She noted that activists have been trying to lobby for higher fines for polluters. They have managed to convince politicians on five different occasions to raise the fines. Surprisingly, all these efforts have been fruitless. She, therefore, feels that bill AB 617 should be applauded as she has achieved what others couldn’t since 1975.

However, the cap and trade program had been in existence in the last five years. The only problem is that it was engulfed in a court battle with businesses. However, the new program is considered business friendly as it was passed after consultation with relevant stake holders.