HouseLens now offers integrated VR on all 3D models

HouseLens now offers integrated VR on all 3D models

In an announcement made on Monday, October 3, HouseLens -- the bigwig US provider of visual marketing services for real estate -- said that it is bringing integrated virtual reality (VR) to all 3D models.

According to the announcement, HouseLens has been able to offer integrated VR experience on all 3D models with the help of the CoreVR technology developed by Matterport, which claims to have the world’s biggest collection of 360-degree real world locations.

HouseLens said that Matterport 3D is being offered by the company as part of its full suite of visual marketing services, including professional photography, walk-through video, drones, and lead generation, among others.

About the availability of Matterport’s new CoreVR functionality, HouseLens said that the technology will basically give viewers the ability to experience 3D models in immersive VR, similar to walking around the home.

Touting the fact that Matterport's CoreVR technology perfectly combines “quality experience and affordability,” Andrew Crefeld – founder and CEO of HouseLens – said: "The HouseLens mission has always been to make the latest visual marketing technology accessible for the average real estate agent."