Hospital takes 2-year-old brain dead off life support after court ruling

Hospital takes 2-year-old brain dead off life support after court ruling

After a long and tiring legal battle, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has dissolved restraining order that allowed a brain-dead boy to be on life support. The decision came so quickly that family of the child that fought for life support for the boy is still in shock. The two-year-old Israel Stinson died shortly after 3 p.m. when life support was removed at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Family attorney Alexandra Snyder said family is completely devastated. Snyder said that it was last week when the court temporarily ordered hospital to not remove ventilator from boy.Meanwhile, they get an insight into the circumstances from other neurologists. The parents of the child had been fighting to get life support for him since April.

The Stinson’s illness began in April after an asthma attack in Sacramento area. The boy suffered cardiac arrest and later was declared brain dead. Jonee Fonseca, the mother of the child, said doctors told them there was no hope, but when she saw her son responding to her, she decided to help him. University of California Davis Medical Center declaredStinson brain dead.

“They are devastated. I think still in shock. It’s not even my child; I am still in shock this could happen so quickly. That is something every family has to decide for themselves, not a choice that should be imposed upon somebody”,said Snyder.

Stinson’s parents took him to Guatemala in May. The doctors there said their tests showed that boy had brain activity. After that, Children’s Hospital in LA got ready to treat him. But doctors there said they would stop providing life support to him. Recently, the court judge ruled life support should be removed.