Honesty Makes Holiday Headlines on a Military Base in California

When Tracy Lipscomb did the right thing and turned in an envelope filled with cash she had discovered by chance on a bathroom floor at the Marine Corps Air Station Commissary to the commissary's lost and found, she probably did not expect to generate Internet news headlines. The resident of Torrey Highlands stopped at the woman's restroom, when she noticed an envelope lying on the floor. What happened next became the subject of media coverage.

The California resident picked up the envelope and discovered it contained money. Tracy Lipscomb realized someone must have accidentally dropped the envelope. She quickly turned it over to the officer in charge of the base commissary's lost and found department. The envelope contained more than $200.

Honesty: Alive And Well in California

Tracy Lipscomb noted she had never considered keeping the money. When questioned by reporters, who seemed struck by her honesty, she noted she strives to live her life "with integrity" by adhering to guiding moral principles. Nevertheless, her actions as a "good Samaritan" at the military base commissary did result in news coverage.

Tracy Lipscomb let a local NBC news station know after she reported turning over the money to the commissary lost and found department, the owner of the missing cash apparently came forward. As it happened, the money rightfully belonged to another woman who has stopped at the restroom earlier. She had dropped it while assisting her infirm mother.

Restricted Access

Unlike many other types of grocery stores, military commissaries serve only authorized service personnel, their family members, and perhaps other shoppers approved by base command structures. The general public cannot typically shop on military bases, because tight security remains such a high priority. Even baggers at these facilities must typically undergo close scrutiny. Commissaries on U.S. military bases in California and overseas often provide employment opportunities for "military kids", for example.