Health fair to be hosted by Beaumont Hospital during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Health fair to be hosted by Beaumont Hospital during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With the goal of educating women and their families about breast cancer, Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak will be hosting a health fair in October, which is also the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The fair will be emphasizing on detection of the disease, healthy lifestyle, and nutrition.

The breast health fair in Royal Oak will be on October 4, outside the main Mackinac Dining Room at the Beaumont Hospital at 3601 W. 13 Mile Road, from 11 am to 1 pm.

According to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, after skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer found in US women. It is second only to lung cancer as the leading cause of deaths for women across the nation.

Statistics show that around 200,000 women develop breast cancer each year in America, leading to deaths of nearly 20% of them.

Emphasizing on the importance of awareness and diagnosis of the disease, corporate director of the breast care program at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Dr. NayanaDekhne said, “Early detections of breast cancer is vital. Today’s advanced imagining technologies, including mammography, breast ultrasound, MRIs, along with digital breast tomosynthesis, are effective screening and diagnostic tools”.

Dr. Murray Rebner of Beaumont Hospital’s Breast Imaging section in Royal Oak believes in mammography being the best way to finding breast cancer and affecting a cure for it. She supports her view with the claim that three out of four women who die from breast cancer have not had a regular screening in mammography. She urges that women over 40 should get the screening done annually.

Dr. MajdAburabia, a breast cancer surgeon in Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn, also believes that awareness, information, genetic counseling, and family history assessments are the starting points for women for understanding their risk for cancer.

As a result of the increasing importance of awareness and expert information, another breast health fair is scheduled at the Beaumont Hospital, Troy, 44201,Dequindre on Oct. 19 from 11 amto 1 pm.