Hating your job in 20s and 30s could make you ill by 40s

Hating your job in 20s and 30s could make you ill by 40s

If you are in 20s or 30s and do not like your work there are chances you are depressed and likely phasing physical and mental challenges and this could become worse when you reach 40s. A study presented this week at annual meeting of the American Sociological Association link health status at 40s to the satisfaction level to one’s job in its 20s or 30s.

Jonathan Dirlam and HuiZheng from Ohio State University performed an analysis of data collected on 6,432 Americans during their participation in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth in 1979. The survey focused on asking participants to rate their satisfaction level about their jobs on a scale running from 1 to 4 in which one symbolized that they very much disliked their work, while the 4 meant they very much liked their jobs.

The study researchers reported very noticeable link between people less satisfied with their work in the 20s and 30s and those having health problems during their 40s. This could be explained by the fact that spending eight or more hours at work a day that one finds grind leads to stress that further could lead to physical problems resulting into development of long term illnesses.

Those who did not like their work were usually depressed and worried. They even have difficulty in sleeping. Moreover, those happy developed better health over time unlike those not satisfied with their professions.

“The main reason is due to increased job insecurity. People are not as sure if they will always have their job today compared to 30 years ago. Having more permanent occupations would help increase satisfaction levels,” said the author of the study.