A handgun in a 12-year-old girl bag pack accidentally fires one round injuring two.


On Friday at around 7:10 PM police reported that a semi-automatic gun accidentally fired from a backpack in a middle school in Los Angeles. It shot one student on the head and another one on the wrist. Apparently, the gun only fired one round while it was in the bag pack. Drake Madison the LAPD spokesman addressed the media and said that there was evidence that the gun fired from the backpack and not from outside the school compound. The press though not convinced, he reported that further investigations were still underway and that in case there was anything new he had to share he would do that with immediate effect.

Madison confirmed that the semi-automatic gun only fired one round. He also reported that there were two victims that were involved, one was shot in the head and the other one in the wrist. The two small kids that were involved in the incident both aged 15 years. Their doctor reported that they were promptly treated when they arrived at the hospital and that they were soon to make full recovery. The police said that a 12-year-old young girl was apprehended soon after the gunfire incident erupted in a classroom. The shooting erupted at a middle school in Sal Castro. On Friday, LAPD spokesman Madison said that the detectives were carrying out investigations so that they can determine where the 12-year-old girl acquired the gun. Madison confirmed that she retained an attorney and that he was not cooperative, he was not answering any questions.

The police said that the young girl whose was not appropriate to disclose due to her tender age was later transferred to a Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles County central. She was held at the hall without bail. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office reported that she is set to be arraigned in court on Monday on a felony of a minor possessing a firearm in a school compound. The father of the young girl Nelson Velasco said that the gun wasn’t a family’s property. Probably she was framed. Nelson speaking to a TV station he said that he regretted that incidence ever happened and that he was deeply sorry that other young kids got affected.

The Los Angeles County Department of children and family services visited Nelson's home for more investigations. According to some reports from the neighbors, Nelson’s family is always a nice family and they have always lived in peace with their neighbors.