Hair Dye For Unicorns: Lime Crime Cooks Up New Hair Colors For The More Eccentric Fashionista

The brightest new additions to Lime Crime's line of coveted Unicorn Hair dyes are eight stunning hues. Over the past few years, the company has released 13 other bold colors. The most recent additions include both tints and full-coverage dyes. Lime Crime's CEO was pleased with the new colors and said that she cannot wait to see customers wearing the new colors. The brand has over 3 million followers on Instagram and encourages them to post pictures of their Lime Crime hair color and makeup looks.

About The Eight New Unicorn Hair Colors
Unicorn Hair tints are designed to add a hint of color, and the full-coverage dyes will completely transform hair into a vibrant hue. Since the first 13 colors were a huge success, the cult cosmetic brand decided to offer even more choices. There are three full-coverage choices, which include bright bubblegum pink, crimson red and mauve. For tints, there are flirty pastel hues of mint green, yellow, periwinkle blue hair dye, lavender and violet.

The new colors are designed the same as the cosmetic brand's other colors. They are semi-permanent and will fade gracefully but will last longer with shampoo for color-treated hair. In addition to producing a beautiful hue, the dyes are scented with pleasant aromas. All of Lime Crime's hair colors are vegan. The company donates a considerable amount of money to animal welfare charities and assures customers that all products have not been tested on animals and do not contain any animal byproducts.

Although the new dyes can be used on any hair color, hair that has just been bleached yields hues that are closest to the colors on the jars. The dye is supposed to stay on for up to two hours for the full-color effect or 30 minutes for a muted look. On the Lime Crime site, there is a full FAQ that answers questions about how to use the hair dye for best results. Interested customers can purchase the dyes in jars or in packets. The smaller packets are commonly used to add streaks of other colors.

How Doe Deere Created Unicorn Hair Colors
The Unicorn Hair line was inspired by individual expression. Doe Deere is the founder, owner and CEO of Lime Crime, and operates their company blog. She is a proponent of individual expression and believes that is where true beauty is found. Doe prefers to dye her hair purple and wanted to develop a dye that would fit her high standards. Unicorn Hair products are hyper-pigmented dyes for ultimate performance. Doe is conscientious about using high-quality ingredients in her dyes and offers them for affordable prices.

Doe's goal was to see people expressing themselves and looking how they feel. After the initial release of Lime Crime's first 13 colors, Doe's Instagram followers were quick to buy and try the new bold pigments. Instagram was flooded with colorful creations of one color fading into another, peek-a-boos of color under natural tops and streaks of multiple bright colors. The trend grew and spread across age groups. Doe wants people of all ages to embrace themselves and what they like. Although bright hair colors were once a trend that only teenagers followed, even people who are over 40 today enjoy the pretty tints and full-coverage colors.

About Doe Deere
Lime Crime's entrepreneurial founder grew up in New York City. Doe originally launched Lime Crime in 2008. However, she sold her own DIY fashion line prior to starting her popular cosmetic brand. She started selling her fashion line on eBay in 2004. While her customers loved her great taste in clothes, they also loved her bright and highly pigmented makeup. Since Doe believes that listening to people is important, she listened to her customers about what they liked and came up with Lime Crime. The name is reflective of her favorite color and her desire to create cosmetics that are figuratively striking enough to be illegal. Although Doe launched the brand during a time of economic hardship in the United States, it was a huge success and continues to grow in popularity today. Doe's focus on individuality and her wide range of cosmetic choices make the brand popular with all groups of people.