Group Heads To Texas To Offer Support From Los Angeles


After devastating Hurricane Harvey came ashore in Texas, several people set out to help others who needed assistance. There are dozens of firefighters from Los Angeles who have headed to Houston and other areas of Texas to offer help to those who have trapped in their homes because of flooding and to help with any other kind of assistance that might be needed.

There is an urban search and rescue plan in place by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. A task force that is located in Los Angeles has been asked to assist in Texas. There are 70 people on the team who were sent out Saturday night. They left from Sherman Oaks to head to Texas. Most of the team are firefighters, but there are a few civilians, one being someone who specializes in handling canines. Another group of 10 people also left the area to help with ground rescue efforts.

The group left Los Angeles in trucks containing all types of equipment. The equipment will be used to aid in swift water emergencies that might arise as well as other types of rescues from the torrential rains that have flooded the Houston area and surrounding cities. Members of the team packed their own food and water so that they wouldn't have to take away from the supplies offered to the residents of Texas. They also left with enough fuel for the vehicles and cots so that they would have somewhere to sleep, offering spaces for those who truly need them in shelters in Texas. The Los Angeles Fire Department is only one of eight FEMA search and rescue groups in the country. When there is a natural disaster or any other kind of emergency that requires these efforts, this is one of the teams that is often deployed.