Google Store now has dedicated VR section on its site

Google Store now has dedicated VR section on its site

In an indication that Google has opened a dedicated virtual reality (VR) section on its Google Store website, to offer VR headsets.

The new VR section on the Google Store website is similar to the Android Wear and Android TV sections. It unfolds a quick breakdown of the VR platform, giving customers a peek at what type of content is available; and lists the different VR headset options which are available for purchase from the Google Store.

The VR headset options currently listed on the VR section of the Google Store currently include the main Google-affiliated options. Google's own Cardboard VR headset is priced at $15 for one unit, and $25 for a pair; and the Mattel View-Master VR headset, costing $30.

Another option in VR headsets available from Google Store is the latest Google Tech C1-Glass VR Viewer headset, priced at $15.

Google's move to introduce a dedicated VR section on the Google Store highlights the increasing interest of the tech industry in VR arena, as well as Google's personal continued interest in bringing new VR-related products to the markets. Though the Google Store VR section currently is somewhat on the basic side, the list of VR product options is expected to expand and grow steadily in due course of time.