Google to shut off support for Wallet Card on June 30

Google to shut off support for Wallet Card on June 30

Google has revealed in a recent announcement that it plans to shut off support for its prepaid debit card called the Wallet Card. The announcement implies that Google will discontinue support for the physical debit cards which users can link to their Google Wallet accounts.

According to the announcement, support for the Wallet Card will be withdrawn by Google with effect from June 30, 2016.

Google has revealed that the Wallet Card will be retired by the company by April 30, after which the card's users will not be able to load any additional cash on it. Though the card bearers will still be able to use the cards for purchasing products and service during the period between April 30 and June 30, the cards will finally be completely disabled by Google after June 30.

The Wallet Card prepaid debit card was launched by Google in November 2013, to enable users to make payments -- in person and online -- using their Wallet balance at any retail outlet that accepts MasterCard. In addition, the Wallet Card also allows users to withdraw money from ATMs.

About the move to discontinue the Wallet Card, Google has said in a recent email to the card owners that the move is a result of the company's "focus on making it easier than ever to send and receive money with the Google Wallet app."