Google says it does not use personal data of students to serve targeted ads

Google says it does not use personal data of students to serve targeted ads

In an evident attempt to address the concerns raised by Minnesota Sen. Al Franken about Google’s data collection policies related to its education technology program, Google has said in a recent letter to the Senator that the company does not use personal data to target advertising to students on its network of websites.

However, Google did admit in the letter -- penned by Sue Molinari, Google's Vice President for public policy and government relations -- that the company collects personal information about students when they visit YouTube, Maps and other such websites.

Google’s letter to Senator Franken comes in response to a letter which the Senator to the company in January. In that letter, Senator Franken had asked Google to clarify how it uses the data which it collects from students using Chromebooks, as well as Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and other Internet services.

In its clarification to Senator Franken, Google said in its letter that it does not use personal information from students, in kindergarten through twelfth grade, for serving targeted advertisements.

Against the backdrop of the fact that the company’s GAFE set of productivity tools being used by more than 30 million students and teachers, Google said: "There are no ads in GAFE core services, and student data in these services is not used for advertising purposes."